Black Note E-Liquid

Black Note is a manufacturer of naturally extracted tobacco e-juice, made in Italy, assembled in USA. If you’re in the market for a reliable tobacco e-juice, look no further. Black Note e-liquid is by far the best we’ve tried.

The cigarette as we know it today, first arrived in a pipe in the sixteen hundreds, when North American explorers brought tobacco leaves back from their North American exploitations. But it wasn’t until about the time of our civil war, that a machine was developed to produce the modern day cigarette. It was through the two world wars that the cigarette became widely used. Cigarettes consumption in the United States peaked around 1965. Fast-forward about forty years, for when the electronic Cigarettes were first introduced.

When tobacco was first introduce to the civilized world, they were clumsy at best, for the proper use of tobacco. Part of the blame could be placed on the explorers themselves. By the time the tobacco leaves were consumed by the public they were far too dry for proper use. It wasn’t until the mid to late seventeen century that people begun to develop the proper moisture content for tobacco products.

With the proper moisture content other aspects of the manufacturing process of tobacco products were first introduce as well. All of which were designed for the proper enjoyment of the tobacco products themselves. Be it pipe, cigar, cigarette and just recently the electronic cigarette.


By the time the tobacco leaf is ready to enter production, it has gone through an extensive process to ensure that the proper aroma is left intact. Tobacco, from different parts of the world, all have their unique aromas. North America is no longer the producer of tobacco it once was, Africa has taken over that role. Tobacco as we know it today is still many produced in North America but that is changing as well. Eventually only the finest of tobaccos will still be produced in North America.

With the technology in North America comes the unique respect for the content and the aroma produced for the electronic cigarette. With the shipment of these Black Note e-liquids people come to understand the need for these fluids to be constantly blending themselves, to further enhancing their end resulting flavors. They have come to expect glass containers over plastic so that the delicate blends won’t leach into the containers and the plastic won’t provide an escape as well of them.

Black Note e-liquid makes some of the best tobacco e-juice we’ve tried so far.

They will understand the need that the containers should be that of a cylinder over that of a box. So that these delicate aromas, don’t become bruised, hitting a corner of the box during shipment. While most people will opt for speed and convenience, the true connoisseur will understand and expect these minor differences to be handled accordingly. After all we aren’t talking about some cheap cherry flavored wine hers bout a true cognac that is to be enjoyed and savored with the best of cognacs that France can produce in the Cognac region. The unwrapping and opening of something so precious is after all an event until itself. Knowing full well that the last time these liquids saw the light of day, they were graduating from a long and delicate process that was design for the sole pleasure and consumption of the end user.