VaporDNA Promo Code is one of the largest online vape shops that sells e-cigs, vaporizers, e-liquids, vape gear and accessories and more.


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VaporDNA is an award-winning online site that sells electronic cigarettes, e-juice and accessories. Its products are genuine and they have been voted by users as a true meaning of value for money. The company guarantees the products that it sells and above all, they are priced reasonably. Customers also enjoy additional services such as the 45-day refund policy that is meant to ensure customers buy products that fulfill their expectations and those that meet their requirements.

Features of VaporDNA’s superiority

1. Product range

The move towards electronic cigarettes is still new in different parts of the world. In this regard, people still experiment on the products. The best performing e cig companies are those that continually produce innovative products. VaporDNA is a unique company that has always invested in new products. It continues to expand its product range and this explains why it enjoys a substantive market share today.

2. Customer care

The customer care services offered by the company are unbeatable and this is evident from various online review sites. It should be understood that e cig customers are inquisitive and this implies that vendors should engage competent customer care teams in their service delivery.

3. Delivery

The company offers delivery services to its customers. This reduces the need to spend extra money in arranging for shipping. Unlike other firms, the company ships its products to its customers so long as their purchases meet the requirements that have been set. The return policy is also worth-discussing at this point. Some customers may not like the brands that they buy and this implies that may wish to return the products to the seller. VaporDNA allows the returns so long as they are made within 45 days. This feature shows that the company is willing to stand by its customers and it will always provide the best products.

4. Order tracking

One of the worst nightmares that online shoppers face is disappearance of products as they are shipped from the stores. VaporDNA has put in place measures that ensure no product is lost during shipping. All products are tracked while in transit and this has enabled the company to minimize disappearances of customers’ items.

5. Pricing policy

The pricing policy that is applied by VaporDNA is favorable. It is far much better than those of other firms- a feature that explains why the company continues to increase its customer base. The prices that consumers pay reflect the concern that the company has on users of cigarettes. The company’s prices are reviewed downwards to encourage more users to turn to e cigarettes.

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